Here is a couple of examples of my production of advertisement videos. All of them are meant to be low-budget video spots that can be for instance displayed on social media.


At the moment, I am preparing a documentary short about the town of Josefov near Jaromeř.



I offer complex services in video and film production, especially in the style of the above referenced projects. I am, however, flexible and can produce other formats as agreed. Since this is not an offer of a classical production studio, my services are especially suitable for customers with a limited budget and those, who are interested in small scale productioon.


I am able to produce commercial, instruction, documentation or documentary video / short film.


If you are interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact me via the formular below.


We will plan the concept of the video together according to your needs, I will prepare a screenplay or shotlist, storyboard if needed. I will also plan the production itself.


I offer complete production – directing and the necessary equipment and gear including cinematography, lighting, and sound.


Within postproduction I will take care of editing, color grading, editing and mixing of sound, adding a music track, and simple effects.


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